Expanding Out and Stepping Back

Okay so maybe I jumped a little too far ahead with OKCupid. Friend suggests I start with Coffee Meets Bagel. I have no idea what this is.

Oh! It’s an app. I can handle apps. I’m a millenial — apps are how we manage to keep functioning.

Simple enough to set up. Got my profile going. Thank goodness it just uses my Facebook details. It’s so exhausting having to talk about myself.

Got a match — rejected him. He’s 5’2 — too short for me. I think I’d like dating guys who are taller than me. It’s not very hard to be taller than me since I’m 5’4. I almost feel bad though. He seemed like a perfectly nice guy if it weren’t for his height that he had no control over.

Must steel my conscience. Can’t just say yes to anybody.

Apparently I can enter in the reason why I passed. Oh man. I hope it doesn’t send this message to the other person. “Passed because he’s too short.” Ouch. Maybe I shouldn’t put in a reason after all. I’ll just… wait for the next one?

** Same friend also suggested I try Tinder. The last time I tried Tinder, I panicked after a few matches started messaging me and just deleted it. I haven’t been back since. Maybe further down the road when it may not be so traumatizing, I’ll give it a shot. Until then, I’ll stick to these two. They seem pretty tame, right?

…. Right?


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