How OkCupid Makes Their Money and How I’m Constantly Tempted to Give It to Them

OkCupid prides itself on being a free service. But all internet companies have to make their money somehow, right?

OKCupid has a service called “QuickMatch.” Instead of going through profiles at random, you’re shown profiles that may match what you’re looking for (based on our answers to a series of questions). You hit the star button if you like them and the x button if you don’t. Pretty simple enough.

You can keep track of people you like. Most importantly, you can also keep track of people who like you — but at a price.

Enter The A-List.

You constantly get notifications that there are new people who “like” you. The natural response is, “Hmm, people like me? Let me go see who they are.” But you can’t. With the free service, you’re only allowed to see how many people like you. You can’t see exactly who those people are. To see the full list with their profiles and everything, you’ve got to be on The A-List.

One month costs $9.95. If you buy three months, then it’s $7.95/month. If you buy six months, then it’s $4.95/month. Is it worth it? What does it get you?

They give you access to advance match search options (you can search by body type, personality, etc.), go incognito in browsing their profile, filter messages, get a higher volume inbox, or even change your username if you want. Undoubtedly the feature I’ve been most tempted by is the ability to know “Who Likes You.”

At the end of the day, isn’t that what we all want to know? Who is looking at the profile you’ve crafted and is thinking, “Hmm, this person isn’t so bad”? It’s so hard to express interest in someone when you’re not sure of the response. Fear of rejection paralyzes our ability to reach out to make a possible connection. OkCupid has made it so that you’re certain. But for a price.

I’ve been sorely tempted by it. I am one of those people who really can’t make the first move. I want to be assured of the other person’s interest before expressing my own. I keep seeing new notifications of people who “like” me and I really want to know who they are. What type of man likes my type of woman? I’ve already gotten all sorts of strange messages (I’ll get into that later). Where exactly are these people finding me?


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